We provide solutions that reduce your cost of doing business and increase control within your operations. We enable companies to focus on profits by leveraging technology to streamline their supply chain operation. Companies wanting to go beyond the ISO rating process or who have Six Sigma projects with management support, choose ST Solutions for our experience in comprehensive supply solution control and management.

Commonly targeted issues include:






ST Solutions offers cost-effective answers to these problems. We utilize the latest technology to streamline your MRO supply chain, making it an efficient part of your operation. We know the efficient procurement of Maintenance, Repair, and Operational supplies are key to our customers’ success. Running out of supplies or ordering too much stock cuts into your profits. Focus your employees on manufacturing product, not pushing paper.

Our process is as important as our solution.
We work with our customers to analyze their processes, identify their needs, and build a customized plan.


  • Inventory at Point of Use.
  • Simplified inventory management system
  • Bin location system
  • Items are bar coded for scanned ordering 
  • Customized catalog showing availability by location system
  • Reporting available by department, cell, or cost center
  • Customized Product Labeling
Wireless Barcode Systems
Wireless Warehouses
Vendor Managed Inventory
  • Reduce inventory dollars in your facility
  • Available with any of our other service options
Accurate Inventory with Live Counts
Controlled Usage 24/7
Wide Variety of Vending Options
  • Free Vending
  • Ideal solution for high value and high volume items
  • Magnetic or barcoded swipe cards make ordering and tracking easy
  • Bin location system
  • Customized catalog showing availability by location
  • Online inventory visibility
  • Reporting and billing available by department, cell or cost center, and employee level
Automated Replenishment
Reduce Freight
Spot Buy Management 
  • Available for all commodities
  • Offers single point of contact 
  • Online requisition system that tracks all stages of the order, from quote, approval, order generation, to fulfillment
  • Reporting and billing available by department, cell or cost center, and employee level 
  • Fully Managed On-site Tool Cribs
  • Automated system with bar coded labels and wireless scanners for all crib functions
  • Bin location system
  • Customized catalog showing availability by location
  • Real-time inventory quantities 
  • Interfaces with your “Preventative Maintenance Programs”
  • Consolidated Billing and Comprehensive Reporting available by department, cell or cost center, and employee level
  • Data available online or through our automated report service
  • Flat files available for import into your ERP system
  • Budget Manager tracks departmental budgets before invoices hit
  • The Inventory Watchdog helps prevent obsolescence while improving inventory turns
  • Granular data broken down by:
          - Entire Company
          - Plant
          - Department, Cell or Cost Center
          - General Ledger Number or Account Code
          - Commodity Type
          - End User
          - Individual Item with your Unique Part Number
  • Available with all of our solutions


  • Environmental Surveys
  • Safety Surveys
  • Product Demonstrations and Recommendations


  • Storage Survey
      - Crib and Plant to maximize storage space
  • Ergonomic Survey
      - Lifting and Assembly Process
  • Material Flow Survey
  • Basic CAD Layouts


  • Vendor Recommendations
  • Product Research
  • Expediting
  • Performance Evaluations


  • Experienced Sales Staff
  • Quotes
  • Expediting
  • Order Acknowledgements
  • Customer Part Numbers Tied to Orders