Our Company was founded in 1970 as the vision of my father, Paul A. Powell, who believed the Roanoke Valley could support a new industrial tool distributor. The new venture established itself in Salem, Virginia, taking the name Salem Tools and selecting Ralph Eldridge to serve as the first president.

The decade of the seventies saw Salem Tools’ sales grow and our customer base expand to serve the industrial tooling supply needs of Southwest Virginia. We established our first branch office in Bristol, Virginia and expanded the home office in Salem, moving into a larger facility.

Salem Tools enjoyed continued success in the eighties with additional branches and customers being added throughout eastern Virginia, Tennessee, and in the Carolinas. With the company’s continued growth came greater complexity. To ensure our continued high level of customer service, we pioneered the use of computerization in the industrial distribution industry, developing our own software system to run our business systems.

Having established ourselves as a solid name in the industrial tooling and supply business, customers looked to us for innovative expertise and support. Salem Tools had moved from being a successful tooling supply company to a major player in the integrated supply industry. Always a leader in using technology to better service our customers, we invested heavily in infrastructure and IT support to fulfill these new customer needs.

Today, Salem Tools continues to be a leading force in the industrial and integrated supply business, providing engineering support, procurement and logistics management to some of the leading manufacturers in the country. Our IT department maintains a data warehouse that records all customer transactions back to 1998. We provide a full range of inventory management systems, including wireless, bar coded warehouses, RFID cribs, and multiple vending platforms. To better reflect the full range of services our organization has grown to provide customers, Salem Tools began to market itself as ST Solutions.

ST Solutions has continued to grow and refine its capabilities. Our organization holds an ISO 9001:2008 certification as well as the aerospace industry specific AS 9120 certification. Through additional acquisitions and the opening of new offices, the footprint of ST Solutions has further grown to cover Maine, Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Georgia, Alabama, Arkansas, Texas and Oklahoma

ST Solutions has evolved from a small hometown tool supplier into an efficient, innovative, technology-driven company that supplies a full line of products and the gamut of material logistic solutions to its customers across the country. We remained financially stable and debt-free during the Great Recession of 2008-2009 and are poised to service customers with the most competitive material management solutions in the industry.

Thank you for your business and continued support. We look forward to serving you and providing you with the highest service and best products in the industrial supply marketplace.


William N. Powell