Cost Savings
• Price Reduction through Approved Product Substitution
• Productivity Gains through Product Performance
• Process Improvements
• Inventory Reductions and Vendor Managed Inventory
• Administrative & Logistical Improvements

“ST Solutions has saved us about 30% of the overall cost of handling the MRO ourselves.” declares a top ten aerospace manufacturer.

• Customized Precision Cut Foam Layouts for Tools
• Laser Etching for Each Tool
• Custom Labeling
• Custom Cabinets
• Custom Software Systems Specifically Designed to Handle the Staging of Kits and Inspections
• Dedicated Kitting Staff

Receives consistent 100% Quality Ratings on Supplier Performance Reports from two top ten Defense Contractors

Precision Metrology Management through RFID Cribs & Wireless Warehouses
• Tracking of New and Used Gages
• Calibration Scheduling
• Certification
• Automated Customer Part Audits
• Offering Complete Measurement Solutions

BSI consistently awards ST Solutions/Salem Tools, Inc. perfect scores of 1000 out of 1000 on their AS 9120 quality system audits.

AS 9120 Services
• Seamless Flowdown of Quality Statements and Requirements
• Perpetual Quality Documentation Retention
• FOD Prevention Programs
• Control & Inspection of Print Tooling
• Continuous Improvements of Processes and Services
• Manage Expiration Dates & Track Lots